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The Montepulciano grape is native to Abruzzo, a hilly region in South-Central Italy where nature dominates. Indeed, almost half of Abruzzo is dedicated to parkland, earning the moniker of the “greenest region in Europe." Abruzzo’s motto is “strong and kind”, a description that applies to the wines produced there as well, with it’s deep color and powerful tannins balanced by succulent fruit and vitalizing acidity.
Azzimato hits the glass with an aromatic flourish, with berry fruit, oregano and pepper notes that are beckoning and inviting. On the palate, Azzimato is both slick and rustic, with glorious red and black fruit flavors balanced by spice and earth notes. A naturally high acidity and structured framework of tannins transmit a real sense of place to this friendly Italian red.
Montelpulciano d’Abruzzo is a wine with much to be proud of. A renewed focus on the part of the region’s wine producers in the second half of the 20th century has seen it’s rapid ascension to become one of Italy’s most popular wines, with a forward, friendly character appreciated by wine critic and consumer alike. Montelpulciano d’Abruzzos are grown in between mountain and sea, benefiting from the cooling influence of both, but of course receiving plenty of sunshine as well from its southerly location.
It really is amazing that a single grape variety can produce the abundance of fruit, tannin and acidity found in Montelpulciano. This renders it the perfect wine for virtually any occasion – it has an upfront fruitiness that allows it to be drunk young, its tannins allow for graceful mid-term aging, and it is incredibly food-friendly and versatile. Azzimato is a bold, fruity, rustic take on Montelpulciano – a wondrous mix of exotic and familiar, delicious and refined.
Azzimato is a modern Montelpulciano, produced with fruit preservation in mind. Extraction is carefully controlled and limited, leading to a wine character that is polished but not heavy. A kiss of oak helps to soften the wine during aging, and Azzimato is bottled at the peak of freshness.

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