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Like Malbec for reds, Torrontés is Argentina’s most important white grape variety. But, unlike Malbec, Torrontés holds a very particular distinction – it is native to Argentina, perfectly suited to the high elevation vineyards of the Salta region where it finds its ultimate expression. The wines produced from the vineyards of this dramatic landscape are typically floral-scented, exotically-fruited and crisp. They make a fine match for cuisine and are a perfect vinous postcard sent from one of the most beautiful wine regions on Earth.
Even Steven is hedonistically floral, with jasmine and geranium notes on the nose as well as tropical fruit. On the palate, our Argentinian Torrontés seduces the taster with green mango, lychee and peach notes, as well as an underlying, terroir driven minerality. Even Steven finishes long, bright and crisp, with a mouth-watering salinity and an intensely refreshing, satisfying aftertaste.
The Salta region is home to some of the highest-elevation vineyards on Earth, a location where the Torrontés grape thrives. The key to success is the diurnal swing – the dramatic difference in temperature between night and day during the growing season. Torrontés ripens slowly, a key characteristic for its success, as the extra time on the vine allows for the development of an abundance of flavors in the finished wine. The cool nights, however, act to preserve acidity in the grapes, an incredibly vital component for wine freshness.
This dual nature – warm and cold – found in the vineyards also extends to the bottled wine, which has both a summery flair as well as a warmth that is welcome in cold temperatures. The best Torrontés are light and bright, rendering them compatible with some of the most difficult food pairings, such as summer salads and fruit. But, Torrontés exotic character and oily richness pour a welcome glass in the chill of winter, as the wine’s tropical fruit character recalls the warmer weather that, despite the inability to be outside, exists in every glass.
The art of making great Torrontés requires a careful and experienced hand in the cellar, where retention of freshness in the wine is key. To this end, Even Steven is vinified at cool temperatures and aged in stainless steel, with an eye on the critical vitality that is characteristic of every bottle of our Argentinian Torrontés.

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