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Happiness is defined in many ways, of course. Friends, family, career achievements, they each bring a unique sort of pleasure to the party of life. But we can also find happiness in simple things – a good book, your favorite song and… you knew where we were going with this, right? Of course! A delicious glass of crisp, citrusy white wine. Live in the moment, drink good wine and be happy – that’s the Italian way, transmitted to you, no matter where you live, with every glass of Pastello Pinot Grigio.
Pastello is a lively, fruit-forward, crisp and clean white wine from Delle Venezie, a region that knows a thing or two about Pinot Grigio production. The nose greets you with citrus, stone fruit, honeysuckle, and dried apricot notes – tantalizing, inviting.  Light-bodied, crisp and bright on the palate, this Pinot Grigio dances on the tongue. The lemon/lime, nectarine and dried fruit flavors are chased by a honeyed, mineral finish.
Italy’s climate, geology and topography also offer ideal conditions for the production of world-class Pinot Grigio grapes, a tradition which Italians have practiced with zeal since practically the dawn of viticulture. Blessed with mild temperatures, abundant sunshine and gently sloping hills that give perfect exposure to the ripening grapes, the vineyards that produce Pastello Pinot Grigio are situated in the prime location of the Delle Venezie region. The finished wine is bright and crisp, perfect for beach side sipping, evening contemplation, and everything in between.
In the Delle Venezie region the focus remains on one grape, and one grape only. The region’s winemakers have always been driven by the pursuit of perfection, leading to constant refinement of the Pinot Grigio wines produced there. Pastello celebrates Italy’s love affair with Pinot Grigio, and the resulting wine is a lively, luscious glass of citrus and orchard fruited goodness. Every sip evokes the lovely, sun-kissed hillsides that the grapes call home.
We are so proud of our Italian Pinot Grigio’s ability to embody all of the classic varietal characteristics of citrus and stone fruit, spiced with a Old World flourish and exotic appeal. It's hard to get it right, but in the hands of capable winemakers, Pinot Grigio can be stunning, especially in it’s ancestral home of Northern Italy.

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