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The Malbec grape was originally imported into Argentina from France in the 19th century, with the goal to raise the profile and quality of the wines produced in this beautiful South American country. And wow, did this effort pay off, in a big way! Fast forward a few hundred years and Malbec is now practically associated with Argentina, where the Mendoza region’s dry climate, warm weather and long growing season has proved to be the perfect match for this otherwise finicky grape. A marriage made in heaven – a place you’ll find yourself as well when pairing Mendoza Nights with char-grilled steak.
This classically-styled Argentinian Malbec is deeply flavored, intensely concentrated, head-turning and attention-grabbing. Ripe plum, black cherry and graphite notes ride on a wave of juicy minerality, framed by soft, dusty tannins. Mendoza Nights’ spicy, smoky finish suggests vanilla and tobacco, a fitting refrain for a wine that is both familiar and exotic.
What is truly special about the meteoric rise in popularity of Argentinian Malbec is the country’s wine producers’ willingness to embrace a grape variety that virtually no one outside of France had ever heard of. Unlike virtually the rest of the New World, who hedged their bets by relying on the best known grape varieties to stake their viticultural claim, the Argentinian wine industry as a whole managed to pull off an unbelievable feat – make wines that taste as good, if not better, than those made in the grape’s native land while capturing the imagination of wine drinkers world-wide with a new and unique product.
Mendoza Nights celebrates the Mendoza region - Argentina’s newly found wine mecca, a stunning landscape with the Andes Mountains as a backdrop, whose reputation was built by the hard work and daring vision of the region’s winemakers. This is a beautiful region to visit – but – if you can’t make the trip, we are proud that enjoying a glass of Mendoza Nights is the next best thing – Argentina in a glass.
Choosing the harvest date is the most critical decision made in the life of a wine – a decision whose importance is elevated in Mendoza, where a huge diversity of terroir leads to vast differences in grape maturity from vineyard to vineyard. Mendoza Nights is harvested at optimum maturity – late enough to obtain succulent fruit flavor, and early enough to preserve freshness in the resulting wine. Our Argentinian Malbec is then fermented in stainless steel, with oak added during the aging process to add roundness and complexity to the finished wine.

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