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There is no shame in unfamiliarity with the Stefan Voda wine region – no need to hang your head if you didn’t know it was the location of some of the earliest traces of viticultural activity in the world. Voldé grapes are grown in this ancient region, located along the banks of the Dniester River in Moldova, one of the cradles of civilization and a place where area farmers have learned a thing or two about growing grapes in particular. Our Cabernet Sauvignon vines are planted on terraced vineyards on hillsides overlooking the river and benefit from a climate that is very similar to Bordeaux. It’s no surprise, then, that the wines share a similar character – chiseled and forward, with intense aromas and berry fruit on the palate.
This exciting Moldova Cab pours a deep ruby/purple color. A smorgasbord of vivid cassis, crushed violet and dark chocolate notes on the palate are a fine testament to what this Old World location can do with this legendary varietal. Voldé Cabernet Sauvignon features enough fruit to facilitate immediate consumption, but with enough tannic framework to reward a short decant.
As wine producers, we are adventurers at the core. We’re always looking for the next big thing, to find something new, something exciting, something great. In the case of Voldé, it was the rediscovery of a land that time had forgot, but well worthy of a reevaluation. This is a classic expression of Cabernet Sauvignon – with its dark fruit and concentrated essence, balanced by a fine structure and savory complexity.
Like waking from a trance, we found this vinous treasure in one of the world’s oldest winegrowing regions – but Moldova is only getting better with age! This unique climate provides enough sunshine to ensure even ripening and a powerful, opulent personality, but the Stefan Voda region’s cool nights also preserve freshness and give the wines a timeless, old world appeal. As tastes change and styles cycle through a perpetual loop, we yearn for a timeless classic. With Voldé Cabernet Sauvignon, our search is over.
Careful selection and gentle handling are essential to manage the extraction of Cabernet’s potentially gritty tannins and bitter flavor compounds. Voldé is carefully harvested, fermented and bottled under the watchful eye of our talented team of local enologists, with decades of experience working with the region’s fruit.

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