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France is without a doubt the native – and spiritual – home for Sauvignon Blanc. Nowhere else can you find such elegance and balance in this classic white grape variety. Every sip is a reminder of why this beautiful country – so blessed from a viticultural standpoint – remains the benchmark for dry Sauvignon Blanc. In France, Sauvignon Blanc achieves levels of fruit intensity and aromatic freshness found nowhere else in the world. Stacks and Stones is a classic expression of this noble variety, with a strong emphasis on fruit and minerality, and a lively vitality that transports you to the legendary French vineyards from which it originates.
Stacks and Stones features a classic, understated Sauvignon Blanc character that is so typical of the French style. Lifted elderflower, citrus and passionfruit flavors overlay a smoky, mineral character and lively acidity. Fresh, fruity, ripe and delicious, these bottles tend to disappear quickly at meals and get togethers with friends!
Sauvignon Blanc is a magic elixir, a variety that manages to distill sunshine, verdant orchards and groves of tropical fruit into a single glass of intensely satisfying wine. For many sommeliers, it is their go-to varietal when faced with either a difficult pairing, or a demanding palate. It is this versatile character that makes Sauvignon Blanc the perfect choice for any occasion – with food or without, for wine snobs or amateurs.
With millennia of experience under their collective belts, French winemakers have learned a thing or two about crafting their Sauvignon Blancs – white wines that are firmly entrenched among the world’s best. The final product mimics the optimal climate of the French wine regions – sunny, bright, warm and fresh. Stacks and Stones is a classic expression of Sauvignon Blanc, with a strong emphasis on fruit and minerality, with a lively vitality that recalls the long tradition, impeccable location and well-earned reputation of the vineyards in which its grown.
Stacks and Stones Sauvignon Blanc is pressed and allowed to cold-settle overnight, to ensure the easy removal of grape solids that would otherwise donate an unwanted bitterness to the finished wine. After being racked the following morning, our French Sauvignon Blanc ferments at cool temperatures until dryness. Bottled at the peak of freshness, every bottle of Stacks and Stones provides a taste of French viticultural know-how and winemaking Savoir Faire.

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