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We love the classic expression of Merlot found in our Pays d’Oc red. Tasted blind, it is a mind-bender Merlot the stature of which could easily be mistaken for a noble Bordeaux. But, wait, what’s that on the finish? Something totally unique, unexpected, surprising – a ray of sunshine, a kiss of Southern French warmth. Not content sitting on the sidelines anymore, the wines of this beautiful region of Southern France are finally getting their due, and Portrait of a Wallflower musters up the courage to ask you to dance with this remarkable Merlot.
Our Pays d’Oc Merlot pours a dark red ruby color with an effusively fruity nose of dark berries and subtle floral notes. Portrait of a Wallflower expresses the dark side of Merlot, with dark cherry and plum flavors with a soft, fresh finish and lingering sanguinity. Pass the barbecue!
This Merlot is a delicious surprise from the Pays d’Oc in Southern France - a formidable, yet under-appreciated wine region. Portrait of a Wallflower is made in a totally modern, state-of-the-art facility by a young, motivated winemaker who trained overseas in some of the world’s greatest wine cellars. The result is a distinctive, polished, plump and tasty Merlot with an impactful palate, supple tannins and velvety texture.
There are exciting things happening in the south of France, viticulturally speaking. For the first time, young people are getting the opportunity to travel abroad and bring back new ideas and influences that they procure in other wine regions. This dose of fresh ideas and youthful energy, combined with affordable land prices and a climate that favors consistent ripening, results in a hot spot of experimentation, quality amelioration and progressive winemaking which is serving to raise the region’s wine profile incredibly fast. Portrait of a Wallflower is your chance to try what the Sommeliers of the hippest Bistros in Paris have known for some time now – it’s the Pays d’Oc’s time to shine.
The Southern French wine industry is re-developing almost from scratch, and we’re thrilled to be the conduit that allows Costco shoppers to get in on the secret. Perfectly ripe grapes, temperature controlled fermentation and a combination of stainless steel and oak aging result in a Merlot that retains the grape's signature velvety texture and silky tannins, but takes on a darker, more succulent flavor profile as a result of the Mediterranean climate and cooling winds.

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