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Brilliant sparkling blend is both party-ready and a fine dining companion! We love this fresh, fun sparkler and its aromas and flavors of tropical fruits, hazelnut, vanilla and honeycomb. Despite its long history that dates back to the invention of the style, French sparkling wine quality and availability has never been better than it is today, and Brilliant is sure to add a festive layer to your shindig.  More than just a Champagne alternative, Brilliant bubbly is a “fête” in a glass and uniquely French.
Very intense on the nose, Brilliant bubbly explodes from the glass with fresh fruit notes, with a focus on ripe citrus and bread dough. Brilliant is supple and harmonious on the palate, quite rounded, with notes of white flowers, white peaches, pineapple and toasted nuts. Finishes tangy and fresh, with a lingering honeyed vanilla essence and excellent length.
No celebration is complete without a little bubbly, and French winemakers have worked hard to ensure their wines are synonymous with good times and grand moments. Indeed, no Christmas at Flying Blue Imports is complete without a little bubbly, which is why we chose this sparkler from its native land, France.
Sparkling wine has been produced in France for hundreds of years, and this marriage of experience and location is embodied in every bottle of Brilliant, a characteristically crisp and delicious bubbly. So kick back, relax and toast to the good life – it’s the Brilliant thing to do.
100% fun, this fresh, fruity sparkler is made in the classic manner, relying on the traditional secondary fermentation that produces the vibrant bubbles in each bottle that we all love so much. Despite the somewhat technical nature of its production, the wine feels clean and fresh, the goal is not to recall the incredible precision with which Brilliant is made but instead to ooze fruit and bread dough on the palate, to remain incredibly aromatic, and always show itself as waaaaayyyy too easy to drink.

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