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The Western Cape region of South Africa is located in the Southwestern corner of the country, a beautiful place that is characterized by its unique location at the convergence of mountains and the sea. This is the most historic and diverse of all South Africa’s wine growing regions, and home to the country’s most appreciated, critically revered and famous plantings of Bordeaux wine grape varietals such as Cabernet. This dynamic region profits from its proximity to Cape Town, a large, international city that serves as the Western Cape’s portal to present its viticultural treasures to the wine-drinking world at large.
The aromas and flavors of West Cape Gold range from dark fruits to kitchen spices, with a smoky, meaty undercurrent. Medium to full-bodied, the palate is ripe with fresh red cherries, blackberries, clove and bacon fat notes. A stunning, lingering, chocolatey finish with crunchy minerality and lively rockiness ends with a tannic edge.
While the vineyards that hug the coastline of the Western Cape region struggle with a wet, relatively cool climate, the situation changes rapidly as one heads inland. After having passed the first few coastal ridges that serve to protect the interior vineyards from the maritime influence, one finds picture-perfect conditions for the production of high-end Cabernet Sauvignon. This portion of the Western Cape produces red wines of freshness and surprising longevity that, in the best vintages, rival the very best from France or California, generally speaking available for a fraction of the price.
Wine has always played a notable role in the South African economy, and is an integral part of the societal fabric. Any one who has had the opportunity to visit this lovely part of the world will be amazed by the diversity of nationalities and ethnicities present on the wine trails, a microcosm of the varied influences that makes South Africa such a unique and beautiful country.  But all of this is due in large part the to skill and acumen of the country’s winemakers, whose mastery of their craft is delivered in liquid form in every bottle of West Cape Gold Cabernet.
It is its robust-yet-approachable, fruit forward-yet-hefty character that originally led us to fall head over heals with West Cape Gold Cabernet. An extended maceration is performed on this full-bodied South African red, aiming to extract as much of its sweet, dusty terroir signature as possible.

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