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Chardonnay has two distinctly different expressions. The Old World is known for its citrus and vanilla notes, structure and acidity. In the New World we find Chardonnay’s buttery tropical goodness - rich and forward. In Spain, the two styles find their ultimate expression, where an Old World mentality reigns but a warm, dry climate allows for levels of opulence and ripeness otherwise reserved for the best New World sites. Brillo Solar aims to express the best of both worlds, in one harmonious package. Sourced from a variety of Spain’s finest vineyard sites, the goal is to please all palates, no matter the World to which they look for vinous inspiration.
Brillo Solar is at its core a fun, easy-going wine that is open-knit and simply tasty. The nose shows classic Chardonnay notes of apple and pear, along with dried pineapple and toast. On the palate, Brillo Solar tastes like it just got picked off the tree, with the orchard fruit, citrus and tropical character revealed in the nose featured on the palate. Finishes long, with a kiss of vanilla and toasted nuts.
Chardonnay is the most adaptable and versatile white wine grape in the world, as well as being the most popular. In Spain, Chardonnay is a relative newcomer, but has certainly found a home and expresses a singular personality, merging traditional and modern flavor profiles in a distinctly Iberian package.
Chardonnay adapts incredibly well to the specific growing circumstances in which it’s planted. Brillo Solar hails from the inland valleys in the northern part of the country, giving it the ability to consistently develop rich, round flavors that provide immense up-front pleasure and hint at tropical fruit. In each bottle you’ll find the same breadth, depth and voluptuousness that you would expect from the world’s great Chardonnay sites, at a fraction of the price.
Brillo Solar is night-harvested and whole-cluster pressed in an effort to preserve its unique varietal signature. This Spanish chardonnay is fermented in stainless steel and then aged in oak, presenting nuances that are inspired by its vineyard source while relying on the added complexity and roundness that the oak aging provides.

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