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Grape growing in Portugal has been present since at least the 8th century B.C., and the country is blessed with a climate and soils ideal for the production of red wine.  This Red Blend is produced under the watchful eye of our talented consulting enologist, and the flavor of this blend of Portuguese grape varieties is impossible to forget – a perfectly ripe, lovely, fresh, fruity wine with a voluptuous texture and ripe tannins.
Blending wines is an artform – one that the Portuguese have mastered after thousands of years of honing their craft. A wine of true soul and character, this unique blend of Portugese red varieties shows savory dark fruit at its core, with roasted coffee notes on the finish.
Red wine production has always played an important role in the Portuguese cultural identity, and the wines have acquired an enormous amount of national prestige and importance. Wines like our Red Blend are revered as a critical means in the effort to keep the country’s winemaking heritage alive and strong - a treasured resource and revered symbol of pride.
This wine has a distinctly Portuguese personality.  The Aragones grape provides a dark color and aromatic lift. Castelao, the most cultivated red variety in Portugal is prized for the feminine, elegant wines it produces as well as its ability to retain vital acidity. And Alicante Bouchet provides tannin and a zesty, spicy backbone. We love this Portuguese red and its ability to offer you a taste of this unique place and its long tradition of fine wine production.
The grapes that make up this unique red blend are all harvested separately, all at their optimal maturity. Fermentation and aging occurs separately, so that utmost care is ensured to be given to each wine’s particular needs. Blending is performed by our talented, experienced winemaking team to ensure that each vintage expresses a unique personality and utmost quality.

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