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The pace of life is slow in Southern France, and it’s almost as though our Champs Anciens grapevines take their cues from this laid-back atmosphere, ripening slowly and consistently reaching optimum levels of maturity. Varietals like Grenache and Syrah are, like the residents of southern France, honest, hardy examples of regional specialties that achieve spectacular heights of quality without frills or fuss. This blend of Grenache and Syrah brings the best of both varieties to the party, as Champs Anciens is equal parts distinctive and refined, streamlined and polished, round and focused.
Champs Anciens’ bouquet is resplendent with dark berry, white pepper and currant leaf aromas, but it’s the mouthfeel that is the star. Blackberry jam, dark plum and black tea flavors are generously proportioned, beautifully detailed and echo on the long finish. All in all, Champs Anciens is incredibly evocative, scintillatingly expressive and very, very easy to like.
Sourced from some of the best vineyards of Southern France, Champs Anciens manages to take influence from all of them in a blockbuster red blend that is like no other. There is a reason that Grenache and Syrah are the backbone of the Southern French red wine industry, and Champs Anciens makes it easy to see why.
In southern France, wine is a beverage necessary for the daily drudgery of life working in the fields. It is drunk straight from the canteen as life is paused for the critical daily affair of lunch, which provides the sustenance and energy needed to continue with the day’s farming activities. And even if you’re not toiling in the fields, we invite you to open this bottle of Champs Anciens after a hard day at work, and let the richness and warmth of this French red work its restorative magic on you as well.
Each vintage of Champs Anciens represents a reflection of the terroir where the Grenache and Syrah grapes are grown, where the final blend is decided after factoring in the season’s weather conditions and varietal expression. Each variety is harvested and fermented separately, before the blend is constructed just before bottling.

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