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While Grüner Veltliner is well loved and appreciated the world over, Zenit is practically unheard of... even in its native land of Hungary. Created as a cross between two indigenous varieties in the 1950’s, it is appreciated for it’s rare combination of early ripening, acid retention and reliable sugar accumulation. Blending these white varietals together gives our winemaker at Pannonia the opportunity to profit from the best characteristics of each – the crisp, floral and fruity character of Zenit, and the spicy, bold and racy personality that Grüner Veltliner brings to the party.
Distinctly mineral, Pannonia is a true wine of terroir. Lemon/lime, green apple, peach and white pepper flavors are generous and instense on the palate, all with an underlying river-rock structure that makes this unique white blend very compatible with food. This glorious palate presence, a saline finish and a jolt of acidity lead us to believe that this might be THE calendar find of 2021!
Simply put, Hungarian wines are world-class. Their famous Tokaji dessert wine is justly well-known and universally appreciated, but there is so much more to this historic country, which has been producing wine for thousands of years. Unfortunately, last century wasn’t kind to Hungary, where the two world wars and decades of communist rule brought the local wine industry to a virtual standstill.
Today, things are changing rapidly, and Hungary is firmly re-entrenched among the world’s great wine producers. Virtually every style of wine can be found there – traditional and modern, wines for early consumption and those than can age for decades or more. Pannonia is a product of recent reinvestment in the cellar, and this debut vintage is crystal-clean, focused, direct, and most importantly, delicious.
Delicate wines like Pannonia are so transparent to the techniques used to make it in the cellar that careful attention, and especially experience working with the grapes, is vital to produce a balanced expression. Pannonia is fermented and aged in stainless steel, which allows the distinctive characters of both Zenit and Grüner Veltliner to shine in the finished blend.

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