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The Navarra region’s wines are in high demand and every bit the darlings of Spain, seen on the wine list of every hip Tapas bar from Malaga to Madrid.  This robust blend makes it easy to see why – like a great Flamenco dancer, it is zesty, spicy and right at home on the table top. Each vintage, we customize the blend, and in this way the wine is ever changing and alive, adapting to its unique place and time. This year’s version is an alluring, juicy, spicy red wine with a boldly fruity palate balanced on a medium bodied frame.
Luna Brillante features aromas of sweet leather and tobacco, with flavors of black cherry, raspberry and cedar. This powerful wine from Navarra has an old world character and dusty tannins that transport you to its homeland of festivals, siestas and starry, quiet nights.
Traveling through Navarra, one is struck by the unique topography. It is a dry, dusty region where the warm air stings the eyes and the throat quickly becomes parched, longing for some of the region's bold, racy red wines. It is amazing how this sparse, hilly terrain can turn out some exquisite wine and how the grapes retain so much essential acidity despite the hot, arid conditions.
This full-bodied, distinctively spicy red from Spain embodies the spirit of the brave, hardened farmers of the Navarra region. They are a a hardscrabble folk, tan and hardy, acclimated to the hot, dry climate and tough as nails. No surprise, then, that  correspondingly bold and intense wines are produced there. Transport yourself to this ancient land with every sip, and enjoy it paired with your next siesta.
Luna Brillante is a serious wine, and serious wine requires serious dedication in the cellar. This Navarra red is fermented and aged in a mix of stainless and oak, and then receives extended aging before being bottled specially for our advent calendar.

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