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The Greeks have been making wine for about 9,000 years. Despite all of that history, knowledge and experience, most Americans’ exposure to Greek wine has been Retsina, the white wine aged in pine that gives it a quite particular taste profile. With Blue Seirína, we’re out to change preconceptions and open your eyes to the skill and diversity of the region’s winemakers and their vinous products. With this blend of indigenous (Kotsifli) and international (Syrah) grape varieties, Greek know-how is placed front and center, putting the sophistication of the country and their wines on full display.  
Blue Seirína is a rich, round wine, smoothed out, with no rough edges and a polished mouthfeel. Its aromatic expression is full of floral elements, dried black fruit, and baking spices. On the palate, Blue Seirína features plum, fig and black pepper notes. This innovative Greek blend finishes long and supple, with a lingering fruitiness and a hint of spice.
Blue Seirína is grown on the island of Crete, where the warm climate and Mediterranean breezes ensure consistent, even ripening year-in and year-out. Indeed, despite it’s lack of international recognition, it is the most important grape variety on the island, often referred to as “the real soul of Crete”. The highly distinctive wines produced from Kotsifali benefit from a dash of Syrah, which adds color and structure to our Greek red blend.
Fiercely independent, the Greek people pride themselves on their inability to be painted with the same brush, but rather the sum of their country’s great parts – like a fine red blend. Blue Seirína reflects this spirit of symbiotic mélange. It’s built to please many palates, but to come from only one place – the beautiful island of Crete.
Blue Seirína is a distinctive blend whose key to quality is the choice of Kotsifali and Syrah, grapes that both give the other exactly what is needed to elevate the expression of the finished wine. Of course, Crete’s location in the Mediterannean sea gives each particular vintage a character that favors one grape or the other, and the proportion changes each year. In this way, the wine is ever changing and alive, adapting to its unique place and time.

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