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Macabeo is an important varietal for Spain both culturally and economically. Not only is it the most widely-planted white varietal in the most important wine regions of Northern Spain, including Rioja, it is well-accustomed to the country’s hot and dry climate. Despite this challenging landscape, Macabeo still manages to produce intensely perfumed, floral, exotic, textured and elegant wines – no small feat in a region where temperatures routinely soar above 100 degrees during the growing season. But Macabeo’s magic isn’t limited to just refined whites – it’s a major component in the sparkling wines of the Cava region, as well as blended in with red wines to give them aromatic lift. One grape can do all that? Macabeo yeah!
Those of you who are familiar with our advent calendar have already been introduced to the aromatic opulence of Macabeo.  For the rest of you, pour a glass and allow the perfume to mesmerize you, your neighbors, the entire block. Octopada is intensely aromatic. Summer fruits, toasted nuts, jasmine and verbena – what a nose! On the palate we find melon, grapefruit and almond, where Octopada is deceptively rich. Our Spanish Macabeo finishes long, with a squeeze of citrus acidity and lingering spice notes.
Perhaps no other white wine speaks more strongly of its origins than Spanish Macabeo. It is so exotic, so unmistakably fragrant, so spicy and textured that each glass transports you to the dusty, wind-swept vineyards that the grapes call home. We’re obsessed with this noble white variety – shockingly under-discovered and incredibly under-rated despite its role as the backbone of many great Cavas and illustrious white Riojas.
Our winery partners in Spain have been operating continuously at the same location since 1954, bottling wines at the estate since 1969 – among the first, not only in the region, but the country as a whole. Then and today, Octopada has been among the first to adopt new ideas and technology, putting it at the forefront of Spain’s quality revolution.
Great care is taken to press the Macabeo grapes slowly and gently, to avoid extraction of bitter compounds, and more importantly, to preserve the grapes’ aromatics. Octopada is aged in stainless steel to optimize freshness and fruit purity before being bottled.

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