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Fernão Pires, an aromatic white wine unique to Portugal, is difficult to pronounce but very, very easy to like! Incredibly versatile, Fernão Pires grapes are utilized in the production of every white wine style imaginable – from dry to sweet, and even sparkling. It is highly respected by the country’s winemakers, with many producing multiple bottlings from single vineyard sites. Fernão Pires is a fixture on Portugal’s surf beaches, prized for it’s thirst-quenching, refreshing, fruit/spice character.
A zesty, spicy white wine, Ode Couple displays glorious aromatics of white flowers, citrus fruit and marzipan. Our Fernão Pires is racy and focused on the palate, but not without its share of mid palate mouth presence. Flavors of lemon / lime, mandarin orange and honey on the palate give way to a zippy finish that hints at cinnamon and clove.
The bags are packed, hotel booked, sandals on. Suntan lotion? Check. Good book? Check. Now all we need is a crisp, fragrant, mouth-watering and food friendly white to cheers to another successful day of our toes in the water and troubles forgotten. Ode Couple? Check! The best part? You don’t need to leave your house. This beautiful Fernão Pires is a vacation in a bottle... Portugal in a glass.
Portugal is one of those places that has gotten beach culture right. And any local will tell you, a day at the coast requires a bottle of the local white of which Fernão Pires is a perfect candidate. The fresh surf spray in your nose, bright sun on your skin and a glass of this zesty, bright, orchard-fruited white in your hand – you're there!
A wine that is truly made in the vineyard, we take great care to harvest Ode Couple while the grapes still retain their acidity, critical for a sense of freshness and vitality in the finished wine. Fermentation takes place in closed top stainless steel tanks, which allow us to preserve the spicy aromatics that great Fernão Pires is known for. Ode Couple is then aged in stainless steel before bottling.

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