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France’s Gascony region is blessed with an ideal location for the production of fine red wines. Located in the southwest of the country, not far from Bordeaux, the region’s sunny, warm climate is tempered by the moderating effects of mountain air from the Pyrenees mountains to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The tradition of viticulture in the region goes back millennia, and like the sharp blade of D’Artagnan, its most famous resident, the wines produced here are direct, focused, and quick to engage.
Struggling Deep Roots is an innovative red blend, whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It boasts a complex, juicy, fleshy and broad personality, and a nose that hints at cherry, mint, red licorice and black pepper. Our Gascony red is what the French call a “glou-glou” wine, easily approachable and imminently drinkable, with a core of red fruit and spice flavors, and a fresh, lengthy finish.
Gascony is perhaps the most underrated fine wine region in all of France. Blessed with an optimal climate for the production of classic red grape varieties, connoisseurs have been enjoying these rich, ripe, fruit-forward gems for centuries. Struggling Deep Roots embodies Gascony’s ability to consistently produce show-stopping, full-bodied red wines.
What is shining the spotlight directly on Gascony these days, however, is the recent price explosion in Bordeaux, which has pushed the quality-minded wine drinker to cast their glance southward to Gascony’s world-class potential. Those in the know already covet these hearty red blends; yet some of the best bottles are still available at "shhh... don't tell" pricing. Struggling Deep Roots is your chance to get in on the secret before the rest of the wine-drinking world catches on.
All wine grapes have very different needs in the cellar, thus the varieties that comprise Struggling Deep Roots are harvested separately and the wines are made focusing on their individual needs. A combination of stainless steel tanks and oak are used during the élevage process, and Struggling Deep Roots is expertly blended before bottling.

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