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Riesling is unique in the world of wine for its ability to thrive in the most diverse locations and produce practically an infinite number of wine styles. Timok River hails from the ancient winegrowing region of the Danube Plain in Bulgaria, where Riesling has found great success producing a lightweight, delicate style that distills the area’s Black Sea influence, abundant fruit orchards and forest pines into a glass.
Timok River is an elegant, lifted, delicate and pretty take on Riesling, gorgeously aromatic with notes of orchard fruit, citrus and slate on the nose. Our Bulgarian Riesling caresses the palate with notes of green apple, peach and Meyer lemon, which glide through to a complex, layered, mineral finish. Timok River is a perfect match for lighter fare such as oysters, shellfish and goat cheeses.
Always the belle of the ball, Riesling is celebrated the world over for its ability to produce hyper-elegant, super-refined, simply beautiful white wines. The verdant plains of Northeastern Bulgaria provide Riesling with everything it needs to thrive – a dry climate, long sunny days and cool evenings, which in turn allows for the production of wines with intense aromas and flavor.
Bulgarian Rieslings are celebrated for their ability to consistently produce fruity, complex wines that are always elegant and food-friendly. The warm days and cool nights that the region is blessed with ensure the ability to pick according to a winemaker’s schedule, and the retention of acidity – critical to varietal expression in Riesling. As more and more critical attention begins to focus on the region’s potential, Bulgaria’s Danube Plain's qualitative arrow is unmistakably pointing up.
Timok River Riesling is harvested at night when temperatures are still cool, to preserve freshness in the grapes. Whole cluster pressing is followed by a long, cool fermentation and aging in stainless steel on its fine lees. This helps to build richness and character in the finished wine. 

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