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Always the belle of the ball, Chardonnay is celebrated the world over for its ability to produce hyper-elegant, super-refined, simply beautiful white wines. Strut King aims to celebrate the long tradition of Italian winemaking know-how as well as the class and breed of this most celebrated white wine variety.  The sun-drenched hills of northern Italy provide Chardonnay with everything it needs to thrive – a dry climate with long, warm days and cool evenings, which in turn allows for the production of wines with intense aromas and real depth of flavor. Strut King Italian Chardonnay is an unforgettable glass of this most celebrated grape variety.
Strut King invites you to strut your stuff, Italian style. That is to say - stop for lunch, open up a bottle of delicious Chardonnay, grab some bread, ham and butter and get to work. Our Italian Chard has bright fruity aromas of orchard fruit and melon. The palate is creamy, fresh and fruity with ripe pear, apple and cantaloupe flavors. Strut King Chardonnay is built for La Bella Vita - Italian style.
There is something that connects all corners of Italy, despite a huge diversity of landscape, climate and culture. It is the Latin zest for life, an appreciation of time shared among friends - especially at the table. And of course in Italy, no good meal is complete without a bottle of great wine. Strut King is built with this in mind, with conviviality, food-friendliness and generosity of flavor – the principles with which this Chardonnay is made.
Strut King reflects the class, breed and tradition of the Chardonnay grape’s ability to produce some of the very best white wines grown anywhere in the world. We take influence from the classic style – creamy, rich and zesty – and the result is a blockbuster wine made from a careful selection of some of the best Chardonnay vineyards in the country.
Chardonnay is so transparent to the techniques used to make it in the cellar that careful attention, and especially experience working with the grape, is vital to produce a balanced expression. Strut King is fermented and aged in stainless steel, with a subtle kiss of vanilla derived from the use of toasted French oak.

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